Farm and Ranch Inspection

At National Property Inspections of the Hill Country, we understand that buying a large property is a big investment. And we do this by providing you with all facts and information that you would need to make an informed decision. Our familiarity with older homes, barns, wells and other such structures helps us give you a useful report  before signing on the dotted line!

Farm and Ranch Inspection By Experienced Inspectors

All inspectors at National Property Inspections are licensed and insured. The Farm and Ranch Inspection is done by an experienced and knowledgeable inspector who is familiar with rural properties and specialized features commonly found in these types of properties, such as private water well systems, barns and outbuildings. You can be assured that you will get every piece of information that is needed to make an informed decision.

Key Components That We Inspect

We thoroughly inspect the barn for the following hazards and issues:

  • Excessive dust
  • Kick damage from livestock
  • Manure piles deposited close to barn’s exterior
  • Exposed sharp edges, nails or splinters
  • Outdated or overloaded electrical systems
  • Exposed electrical wires
  • Non-GFCI protected lights & electrical receptacles
  • Lack of shade or ventilation in livestock pens
  • Insufficient room for livestock to feed
  • Fire hazards

Services Covered Under Farm and Ranch Inspection

  • Single system
  • Water wells
  • Outbuildings
  • Property (Land) evaluations

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Next-Day Inspection Reports

Now you can access the inspection report the day after the inspection. It’s an easy to read report, free of jargon and lengthy information. We document and explain our findings with the help of illustrations and detailed captions, which makes it easy for you to comprehend. Since we have no vested interest in the real estate transaction, you can be assured of an honest and unbiased perspective about the condition of the home from us!

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